“Seelisberg is a pioneering place in tourism. Even today, the location counts the most tourists in the canton of Uri after Andermatt.”

For its countless visitors, the Sonnenberg has been an oasis of leisure, retreat, rest and regeneration.

For many it has been a place of encounter, reflection, inspiration and a source of creativity.

Revive the old values in the new Sonnenberg and create a sustainable concept, in a historical location, under the best conditions.

The government with its administration is very leanly organized, close to the citizen and strong in implementation. Direct channels to the decision-makers enable targeted and reliable decisions within a very short time.

“Uri is a small canton, which in itself offers great benefits.

The government and its administration are very streamlined, close to the people and able to put ideas into action. Direct contact with the decision makers allows focussed and reliable decisions to be taken without lengthy delays.

Investors who contribute to a diversified economic structure in the canton of Uri, and especially in Seelisberg, and who create jobs are sure of a warm welcome.” - Uri Government